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Casting technology

Casting technological advantages:

1. The new technology of iron coated sand swage inner cavity in a certain temperature uniformly overlying a layer of dense 5-8mm after curing of resin coated sand and the rigid cavity is particularly high, in the solidification process of the molten iron can effectively resist the graphitization expansion, compared to wet molding sand and resin sand, can not make with riser and chill chill can obtain dense microstructure of castings, avoid shrinkage hole, shrinkage porosity, porosity and other casting defects, improve casting process yield rate and the product rate, and is especially suitable for in production materials and appearance requirements are relatively high quality castings;

2. Easy to shape, fast, and do not need any paint, you can get a show that the casting, size precision can reach CT7-CT8 level, the surface roughness can reach 2.5um Ra=6.3-1, processing margin is small, generally take unilateral 4mm 3-. The appearance and inner material are superior to that of the static wire production;

3. Combined with the advantages of metal casting and sand casting, and overcomes their disadvantages, due to liquid metal and iron sand box separated with 5-8mm of coating layer, the hot metal solidification time is quick, combined with effective inoculant, the grain refinement of castings, the spheroidization grade and size of graphite compared to wet molding sand and resin sand to improve 1-2 level and does not appear to white, so as to improve the comprehensive performance of the casting, and the residual heat of casting implementations of annealing, may not need an additional heat treatment can stabilize the casting state in the production of a variety of high strength, high toughness of cast iron material:

4. The use of the cast iron after the preheating of iron, energy saving and environmental protection! And the casting process is closed cycle production, the production of an area of intensive. Because of the mold, sand box and process relatively fixed, the maximum reduction of the impact of human factors on the quality of the product, can achieve large quantities of stable production process control;

5. Used in plastic coated sand can be recycled, reducing the pollution of the environment.

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